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I used to run a couple of very specialized mailing lists, one for SEM radios, one for people who wanted to be informed if there were any big changes or additions to this site. However, they both were lost due to long inactivity. And I did not save the e-mail addresses of those who had subscribed. For the time being I'll do without these lists - but they will be restored at some time in the future.

However, there are a number of quite rewarding mailing lists to subscribe to if you are interested in this subject. I'll mention the ones I am aware of on this page - if you know of any list also worth mentioning, drop me a line and I'll check it out.


Armyradios seems to be the busiest mailing list on our subject at the moment. It has hundreds of subscribers and daily activity. There are a lot of knowledgeable and very helpful people there - who will sometimes drift of subject. However, Trish always whips them in line. By and large, a good source of information. You can view the general mission statement at:, or just go ahead and subscribe at: It is not mandatory, but quite often new subscribers will introduce themselves in a short message stating their interests and fields of expertise.


Also specialized on our topic, and somewhat quieter - and partly frequented by the same crowd. If you subscribe to both Armyradios and Milsurplus you will often see the same e-mail twice, as some people tend to send it to both lists. However, it's well worthwhile to follow! You can find details - and the subscription form - on:


A very quiet mailing list - too quiet to my taste, as I like documentation. Primarily geared towards the preservation and collecting of manuals. See more at:


Radio buffs and vehicle enthusiasts sometimes meet - like here, in a mailing list devoted to intercommunication systems in military vehicles. Mostly on the American VIC-1 - which was also part of the New Family radios. See all the dope on:


This mailing list is totally devoted to the Old Family - the Old American Family that is. Radios from the fifties, stuff I collect and document. But alas, none to popular, as this list seems to be very quiet. So if you like these yokes, liven up this group! It can be found at:

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