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Pigs Galore!
Shannon cd presentatie
Afscheidssessie Hans & Mieke
Afscheidssessie Hans & Mieke
Anneke & Jack veertig jaar getrouwd!
Pinkster 2002
VTB in Gaasterland
Pinkster 2005
Franks 85'ste

For my personal friends - and others who are curious - here are some personal facts & files.

My wife used to collect Piggy pepper and salt shakers - until I discovered eBay and swamped her with the little grunts. She does not collect any more, unless we find them in the wild, shops and markets and such. eBay and the likes are out - too easy and too many. However, part of the collection can be found right here, if you want to feast your eyes on them...

Also, I do enjoy my music. Irish, preferably. Lot's of friends who play too. Like Shannon - they do not play together anymore, but the pictures remain here, on the web...

When friends emigrated to Australia, years back, I was there with my camera for the big send-off party. They are on the other side of the world, but their memory - and pics - remain.
Fred Bloem was also their that evening we sent Hans en Mieke off. The second series are his pictures of the occasion.

Anneke & Jack's fourty year wedding anniversary. A great party in Kolhorn. These are the rough pictures, no idea when I will come around working on these - and the wonderfull music that was there...

Pinkster 2002 - a great day with good music and great fun! These are the pictures, in rather low res Web format. If you want a better copy, ask for it and I will mail you one.

Newest photography: VTB in Gaasterland - the camping trip to Gaasterland with our friends from the Vereniging Theo Belterman. Temporarily here, will move to VTB website!

Pinkster 2005! I decided to be quick for a change. A nice collection of pictures, anyone who wants a larger file just holler!

Frank Muller - my father in law - had a party last Sunday, October 16 2005 - for his 85th birthday!

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