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There are not many Dutch Surplus Shops left. Especially when it comes to technical materials, like radios and such. But apart from the few real shops that still carry parts that interest us collectors, there are also a number of hobbyist traders. No shop, you will have to call them in order to make an appointment. Menno Putman lists them all, I only list some that I personally know and enjoy doing business with.

Big establishment in the coastal town of IJmuiden, not too far from Amsterdam. When entering, you will wonder whether you've found the right place, as the front of the shop is dedicated to camping gear and clothing. However, in the back is the technical department, where all sorts of goodies can be found. The people are knowledgeable and friendly. They are also quite prepared to ship internationally, though e-mail is sometimes somewhat slow with them. The web site is quite good and kept up regularly.
They also do Medical Surplus...

P.M. Quakkelstein
The only real old fashioned surplus shop left in the Netherlands - also, no web site. However, a visit is worth your while. Goods are stacked to the ceiling and overflowing into the area where one tries to walk around. Not only military, a lot of other electronics as well. Be sure to call before going, as the opening hours seem to shift. Near to Rotterdam.
Westhavenplaats 28
Phone +31 (0)10-4344523

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