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I am somewhat specialized on SEM radios - German equipment. So I do a lot of trading with Germany. As you will be doing, if you want to get a SEM installation complete!

Helmut Singer Elektronik
Deals mostly in refurbished and tested communication and measurement equipment. But, the owner also has a hobby: Green Radios. Not his main trade - but sometimes real gems show up. Keep checking his New Arrivals department. The firm is fully geared for international trade, English and credit cards are no problem. Recommended - if sometimes not really cheap.

Buescher Elektronik
Sometimes unexpected finds here. Friendly, will ship abroad.

Rainer Foertig Elektronik
Mostly measuring equipment - but also nice military surplus. One of the traders I watch on a regular basis. Friendly to deal with, will ship abroad.

Ralf Hülsman
A small hobbyist-trader that is really highly recommended. A large number of SEM items, including cables and small parts at very reasonable prices. Alas, no web site, but Ralf has perfect English and will happily ship abroad. He will fax you his trading list if you give him a call (in the evening) or send him a fax on: +49 (0)5405 890208. 

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