Dutch radios
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RT 3600 / RT 3610

After the Second World War the Dutch had to rebuild the regular Armed Forces from scratch. As most European countries seem to have done, they adapted the older VRC/GRC series of radios in the early fifties. But soon new models appeared, like the 3030 and the 3035. Both tubes, both very reminiscent of that era. But developed and built in the Netherlands, by Van der Heem.

The GRC-3030 is often called the Dutch GRC-9. I do not quite agree with this, as will become understandable when you have a look at this beautiful piece of technique on the pages I dedicated to it.

In the middle of the sixties, the Dutch started to work on a transistorised family of radios for the military. This time Philips won the contract. Or, more precisely, Philips' Telecommunicatie Industrie bv based in Hilversum. This outfit later became known as Hollandse Signaalapparaten bv, Hengelo.

These were the RT-3600 and RT-3610 radios... I like these, I collect these and I do try to document these on this web site.

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