German radios
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After the second World War, Western Germany had no armed forces for a number of years. After the onset of the Cold War however, a new army was build up. To my knowledge none of the radios used during the war were kept in service, as the whole German war industry was dismantled in 1945.

First, the Germans adopted the well known American radios of the 1950's era, like the GRC-9 and the extensive VRC/PRC families, that can all be found with German legends, with German manuals available, and quite often also produced by German factories.

But sometime during the early 1960's other radios started to appear in the Bundeswehr. German developments, designed and built mostly by SEL. SEL stands for Standard Elektrik Lorenz. And though sometimes one can find parts of these systems actually built by other firms, they were - and are - the main supplier of German communication equipment.
The radios they built were known as SEM's - which could be an abbreviation of Sender-EMpfänger.

Another radio, also appearing around this time, was the small portable FSE 38/58 - that I do not document up to now - made by TeKaDe.

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