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I'm always looking for missing odds and ends for my collection. If you have anything on this list available, please let me know.

SEM 25 parts

S/E Prüfgerät SEP 25
Kabel 41 - between BV Bediengerät and Aussenbord-Bediengerät
Kabel 13 - between Aussenbord-Bediengerät and Schleifring-Überträger
Kabel 11 - between Aussenbord-Bediengerät and Aussenbord-Sprechstelle
Halterung Handapparat - Vers.-Nr. 5965-12-141-1218

SEM 52-A crystals

I have some spare crystals and am looking for some others. Swapping only, not to be sold. On my SEM 52A swap page you will find the details.

RT-3600 parts

BB-3600 - xxxx-xx-xxx-xxxx - Nickel-Cadmium Battery (Nickel-Cadmium batterij)
BX-3600 - 6130-17-708-9881 - Battery Box (Batterijhouder)
BX-3601 - xxxx-xx-xxx-xxxx - Battery Box (Batterijhouder)
BX-3610 - 6130-17-708-9888 - Battery Box (Batterijhouder)
BX-3611 - xxxx-xx-xxx-xxxx - Battery Box (Batterijhouder)

Dutch Tent Illumination Set

True, I collect more then just radios. Like this rather heavy Dutch military campsite illumination set named KL/GVQ-6769. I am looking for the following parts:

J-6770 Verdeelkastsamenstel (Distribution Panel)
CX-6771 Kabelhaspelsamenstel (Cable Reel)
CX-6774 Kabelsamenstel (Cable)
CX-6775 Kabelsamenstel (Cable)
CX-6776 Kabelsamenstel (Cable)
Box, Spare Parts

Dutch Radiation Meter KL/PDR 7000

I would like to find an original of it's manual..

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