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After April I became too busy to do any work on the site. So, no further changes in 2002...

April 12 2002

Old Family: some tweaking and small errors corrected thanks to Menno Putman's comments.

April 2 2002

I finally started to bring a very old - and until this weekend unreadable - document on line: The Old Family. On these pages I've summarized all radio sets known to me, from the "old family" style, using components like the RT-66/GRC, RT-67/GRC and RT-68/GRC. In some cases I had the manual to compile the lists from, in other cases I worked from the diagrams showing all sets found in a lot of manuals from that era.
What's more, on a second page - with many links to this one and vice versa - I am documenting all those parts. So follow the links if you want to know more about what these sets encompassed and how they were put together.

March 31 2002

RT-3600 Parts List nearing completion - but still some bits to do.
A new page in the RT-3600: "What is this?". Stuff I have not been able to work out. Please help!

March 29 2002

Put some extra effort into the RT-3600 parts list and hyperlinked it internally - so now it starts to be easy to navigate while browsing. Still more info to follow!

March 25 2002

A lot of work lately! I've downgraded some of the PDF's - they were too good, sorry. I aim to get trade there, not to feed the people who just sell other peoples work. But I've also added some stuff, including a full TH for the RT-3600 family!
Also, there is a RT-3600 parts list up that I feel should start to make things easier for the real collector. Still lotsa information to get online, butt will have to wait for time on my side. The pages beneath the basic list still leave a lot to be desired - but wait patiently. I'll get there, at some stage.

March 5 2002

Some more work on my RT-3600 / RT-3610 files. More background, still working to get a decent parts list up. Check back!

March 2 2002

Added more information on te RT-3600 parts list - started to define the antenna's used in vehicular and man pack uses.

March 1 2002

As an experiment, I added some downloadable PDF files with SEM operating instructions: German SEM Taschenkarte. Firstly, the Instruction Cards for the SEM 25 and SEM 35. More might follow...
These are not the best quality available, they have been downscaled for printing. Good enough, but better material is available for barter.

February 28 2002

Finally started on the Dutch RT-3600 and RT-3610 system. Now online: general remarks, a very rough parts list and a list of all documentation I have knowledge of.

February 27 2002

Found more information on the SEM cabling - added to the site.
Some small changes to the menu system to make it easier.
Also started this page, where new additions will be listed.

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