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The  reason I did not try any real work on this site for many months was that maintenance was becoming an awkward problem. Too many internal links made it quite complicated to restructure the site for easier navigating. I thought FrontPage might be called for, but hesitated a long time.
So when I registered a second personal site I finally had a chance to try FrontPage without actually having to take down the original site. It solved my problems - and changes will be forthcoming again.

October 11 2005

Added some links to namesakes...

June 19 2005

Added a German manual for download: TDv 6625/005-15, the manual for the Intercom Test Set. Also restructured the download section.

June 18 2005

Added diagrams to the sets of the USA Old Family, also fixed quite a number of broken internal links. And just for fun, I added a pdf of a WWII Unsatisfactory Equipment Report in the download section.

March 31 2005

I decided to put a second - and large! - Dutch RT-3600 manual online. Enjoy.

March 29 2005

Small stuff and major repairs. To start with these, a *lot* of broken links in the USA Old Family are working again. Sorry, moving house and all that. Then the Old Family got extended somewhat after the latest local rally. New systems included there as well. And then again, new might not be the word...

March 12 2005

The old site was still up and running, but it was hard to access it as the provider had been mucking about with the access panel. So my new site - the one you see now, with a different provider - was just backup. Until that old provider decided to really push their luck and tell me I had to reregister because they wanted to change something. End of story there...
So this is finally the new version, at a new location, with a fully new structure - and most old links will not work. Sorry 'bout that, I had been planning to be a bit more careful but then Hostica - avoid them like the plague, is my advice - pulled the plug by insisting that in order to be able to keep my account I should reregister and learn the ropes for their new web-panel. I choose Plan B and left the sorry buggers to their own devices. So now the other site is online!

 The Guest Book is out and will not return, other stuff is definitely still under construction, but there will be movement again here. If the job permits it, time wise. Any errors, please mail me. There's a lot of small fry to be attended to.

September 22 2003

I started a page on mailing lists on our favourite subject.

September 20 2003

Started documenting the Dutch GRC-3030 as well as my first love (in Green Radios): the 19 Set. Pictures, this time! However, the new site is still not online properly, unless you know where to find it, it's hidden...

May 22 2003

Added a lot on the SEM 52 family. Not yet finished, but much better!

February 20 2003

Finally came around to documenting the SEM 25 and SEM 35 Test Sets. You need them to install the complete sets!

February 20 2003

More on Dutch documentation - self adhesive labels were quite important there. So I've added new info on them and made PDF's of those I have access to available for downloading.

February 17 2003

Still working on the structure, but new information is coming on line. I've finally added some links pages, but these are only the beginning.

February 4 2003

Site has been ported to FrontPage and the major restructuring has been done. No new information yet, but - I hope - much easier to navigate now.

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