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Dutch Documentation
German Documentation
American Documentation

I have a lot of documentation - and I spend a lot of time scanning these. The end results are rather neat PDF files - and far too large to put on the Internet. Apart from the size, I prefer swapping, as I always look for new stuff.
However, I am putting some material on line.

Like the pocket cards, "Taschenkarte", for German SEM 25 and SEM 35 radios. German language, but even so quite useful even if you do not understand the language.

Two Dutch manuals for the RT-3600/RT-3610, one numbering 60 pages A5, the other one 238 pages A4 but - thanks to Acrobat's PDF - small enough for a download.
Also interesting to Dutch collectors: the self adhesive labels as these were used in vehicles - and these are in colour!

Not much American stuff at the moment, just an old form I found and wanted to share.

These files have been watered down, so to speak, in order to make them as small as possible while still being useful. In technical terms, they have been reduced to 100 or 150 DPI scans, while the material I make is 600 DPI, and therefore has 36 times the resolution offered here! If you feel you need that quality - and you do! - I am always willing to barter for neat stuff I do not yet have.

However, if this is sufficient to your needs, take your pick and enjoy!

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