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Alas, the documentation for German SEM radios is in German.
First, some Taschenkarte. These are some of the quick-guides, small cards meant to be carried on the person. The originals are printed on what I expect to be a heavy quality Tyvek, in Olive Drab.

Taschenkarte Nr. 1 Aller Truppen
Bedienung Funkgerätsatz SEM 25 und BV-Bediengerät
(Short operating instructions SEM 25)

Taschenkarte Nr. 3 Aller Truppen
Bedienung Fernbesprechgerätsatz SEM 25
(Short operating instructions Remote Control Set SEM 25)

Taschenkarte Nr. 4 Aller Truppen
Bedienung Sprechfunkgerät SEM 35
(Short operating instructions SEM 35)

Taschenkarte Nr. 5 Aller Truppen
Bedienung Handsprechfunkgerätsatz SEM 52
(Short operating instructions SEM 52)

Next, one of the Technische Dienstvorschriften:

TDv 6625/005-15
BV Prüfgerät 25/35
(The manual for the Test Set for the Intercom System as used with both the SEM 25 and SEM 35)
In total 168 pages A5 format.

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